This is the mapping doc for this UT3 assault conversion.




Maps have AS- prefix. After loading UnrealEd load assault.u from the actor browser.

The MyMapInfo in Word Properties under WorldInfo should be of type AssautMapInfo.
There you can set:


They are located under NavigationPoint/Objective/UTGameObjective.
They look like flags in UED and are invisible ingame (save for the HUD beacon).

Here is a list of the available objective types:


The base FortStandard actor is placeable but it doesn't do anything other than existing. It can be completed with a Complete FortStandard action.

Under FortStandard
(subclasses of FortStandard will have their properties added in this section)

Under Objective


Works as simple trigger, touch once and it's completed.
You can use ContraintPawnClass to only allow a class of vehicle.


New properties are Health and Target. Target may be one of the things below:


It's found under Actor/DynamicSMActor/InterpActor. When you add the class it shows as the cube by default, to set another mesh modify the propertiy DynamicSMActor/StaticMeshComponent/StaticMesh.
Or if you add Assault to your EditPackage in UTEngine.ini it can be added like other meshes via the popup.
There's no difference with a regular Interpactor, but if you want an Interpactor you should consider using that instead as it's easier to set up, you won't need what's below.

Other cases

For any other kind of Actor you want as a target you'll have to set up this kismet each time:

to transfer damage from target actor to the DestroyableFort, because it's not automatic.
In the pic InterpActor_5 is the target.

If you use an (AS_)InterpActor pay attention to the pivot location, because the bots will shoot precisely there and if it's located in a corner it will look strange. To modify it change its DynamicSMActor/StaticMeshComponant/PrimitiveComponant/Translation property.


It's like a TriggerableFort but the attackers have to stay there for "Hold Time" seconds to complete it.

Typically linked with a mover like this:





Both the matinee and the event that triggers it must be bClientSideOnly.
The last camera used in movie must have the tag FinalCam (Actor properties/Object/Tag). Or any camera but there must be one with that tag, it's where the game will keep focus after movie is done and before next round.
Movie duration should be a round number of seconds, ie if your movie lasts for 21.1234 seconds make it 21, and fill the "End Movie Duration" of the AssaultMapInfo accordingly.


Use UTTeamPlayerStarts, red for attackers and blue for defenders.
There's no manager, just toggle them in Kismet if you need to make attackers advance.
They will automatically regain their initial state at each new round (as well as blocked pathnode), so there's no need to "untoggle" them.


They spawn with the team color of the closest active playerstart.
That's all about them for now...